Many of us here at The Pauly Dorable Show know we have some faults, as none of us are perfect. Each of us though, are uniquely talented in our own way and always work hard to be nice and more Dorable whenever & wherever we can. As we travel the world on our iceberg, our mission at The Pauly Dorable Show is to provide children with an enjoyable and entertaining YouTube experience that's family friendly, educational, adventurous, informative, often funny, visually stimulating, cute, kind, adorable and of course Dorable!


Pauly Dorable


Born: Lapland, Finland

Strength: Natural leader, kind, feels empathy, thinks of others before himself

Weakness: Only 3 inches tall, quick temper, patience, squeaky voice

Dorableness: The unique ability to spot goodness, kindness & talent in everyone no matter their flaws.

Jim Bankies


Born: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Strength: Highly experienced announcer and narrator.

Weakness: Still thinks he's announcing a basketball game.

Dorableness: Enjoys helping the elderly, by giving out umbrellas when it rains.

The Wolfman


Born: Island of Tonga, South Pacific Ocean (we think)

Strength: Master of music & audio

Weakness: He doesn't do "CUTE".

Dorableness: Always puts 100% effort into everything he does and never gives up.

Leonard the Lion

Head of Security

Born: The Congo, Africa

Strength: LOOKS fearsome.

Weakness: NOT fearsome.

Dorableness: Has the ability to resolve problems without fighting.

Quackers the Duck

Season 1 Intern

Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Strength: Feels at home on land & air. Great at taking instruction and constructive criticism. 

Weakness: Bad swimmer as he was born without web feet.

Dorableness: Donates time helping the less fortunate at homeless shelters around Canada.

Peter Panda

Season 1 Intern

Born: Sichuan Province, China

Strength: Proactive personality,
fast learner

Weakness: Endangered, young, inexperienced

Dorableness: Always willing to help those in need, without being asked.

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